August 25, 2003

Virginia Company Now Providing Open Source Reviews

Tom Walker writes "New Government Policies Increase Need for New Software Assessments.

CHESAPEAKE, Va., Aug. 21 -- In response to a growing demand for information in the wake of new government policies, gOSapps LLC, a Chesapeake based business and government technology solutions firm, is offering the Open Source Initiative Review (OSIR(SM)). These reviews respond to the urgent need for information after
the Department of Defense announced earlier this summer the authorization of open source software. "The DOD decision will result in widespread changes in software development and acquisition throughout the federal government and with government contractors," says Tom Walker, CEO of gOSapps, and one of a select group of experts invited to brief DOD staff on the security, reliability and performance of open source software. "The challenge for many departments is that right now the new policy has raised more questions than answers in a fast growing segment of the technology industry."

The gOSapps OSIR(SM) is designed to provide CIOs with the information necessary to make sound and accurate decisions regarding any transition to open source and provide a roadmap for successful implementation of Open Source initiatives with minimal risks.

"Our firm has already been approached by federal agencies who realize the value in cost-savings and customizable performance with open source solutions," says Walker. "Their concern is about jumping in too quickly without a strong understanding of the technology, its possibilities and risks. No matter which experts are brought in, we encourage any department, agency or corporation to do their homework."

For additional information contact Tom Walker, CEO of gOSapps at 757-578- 4923 or or visit ."


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