September 27, 2006

Virtual Bridges announces Win4BSD product

Sharon Smith writes "Company Aims Products at Using Virtualization Technology to Create Competitive Advantage for Enterprise and SMB Businesses by Providing Multi-Platform Virtualization Solutions

AUSTIN, TX – September 25, 2006 - Virtual Bridges, a provider of enterprise and SMB solutions using virtualization for business, announced today the release of Win4BSD Pro Desktop™ Win4BSD Pro Desktop runs as a FreeBSD/PC-BSD application and allows users to run Windows Applications and Desktops with seamless ease on the BSD platform.

The company also announced that it will be releasing Win4BSD Virtual Desktop Server, a FreeBSD-based desktop consolidation server, during October.

"Win4BSD was a breeze to install, and within 30 minutes I had Windows XP Home running on my PC-BSD system without any problems!” said Kris Moore, Founder and Lead Developer of PC-BSD. "FreeBSD and PC-BSD users can rejoice, now that the ability to run our legacy Windows applications is brought to life through Win4BSD.”

"We're very glad to see more and more software vendors like Virtual Bridges actively supporting the FreeBSD platform," said Matt Olander, CTO of iXsystems and FreeBSD Project, Marketing Team. "Their product addresses the need for legacy Windows applications on a secure and stable desktop platform that FreeBSD can provide."

Win4BSD Pro Desktop features include:
· One-Click-to-Windows provides extremely easy installation of Windows
· Runs Windows 2000/XP Applications and Desktop on BSD at near-native speed
· Ability to display either full desktop mode or "floating" application mode
· Windows malware resistance through "renewable" Windows architecture
· Full support for audio playback and recording
· Allows re-use of your existing Windows license for both cost-savings and broad application compatibility
· Full integration between the FreeBSD/PCBSD and Windows filesystems for user documents and settings

"Virtual Bridges is committed to serving the virtualization needs of under-served platforms", said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Virtual Bridges, "and FreeBSD/PC-BSD is an excellent example of this. Our Win4BSD offering follows in the successful tradition of our Win4Lin family of products and we expect Win4BSD to serve a large unmet need in the market."

"We are pleased to enable Windows on FreeBSD and PC-BSD systems with the release of Win4BSD," said Leo Reiter, CTO, Virtual Bridges. "Users can now benefit from the power of these fine server and desktop platforms without having to leave behind their key legacy Windows applications."

Win4BSD Pro Desktop is a sibling product to the company's award-winning Win4Lin Pro Desktop™ and is based on the same code base. Win4Lin Pro Desktop is currently at Version 3.0.

FreeBSD® is an advanced operating system derived from BSD, the version of UNIX® developed at the University of California, Berkeley. PC-BSD is based on FreeBSD and was designed for the "casual" computer user. Hardware such as video, sound, network and other devices are auto-detected and available at the first system startup.

Pricing and Availability

Win4BSD Pro Desktop is available immediately. The introductory price for Win4BSD Pro Desktop is $49.99 until 31 October 2006. After that date, the list price will be $69.99.

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About Virtual Bridges
Virtual Bridges, Inc. develops SMB and enterprise virtualization solutions for business. Virtual Bridges’ products are multiplatform and are aimed at businesses that want to use virtualization solutions to create sustainable business advantage.


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