December 17, 2003

Virtual Computing: The customer is always right

Chuck Talk writes "I am constantly amazed at how the vast majority of the press seems to misunderstand that those of us who enjoy using and/or deploying GNU/Linux solutions are perceived as Nerds. In fact, we are often painted with a broad brush simply because we have intellect and hold onto our own opinions. We arent sheep and tend to think for ourselves.

I may be many things, but I have never been a man to anger his customer base. I tend to work with the best solution for the customer, not one sold by someones ideas of marketing approaches. Marketing alone does not a product make. Getting that ideation past the editorial opinions of some writers is like trying to pull a thorn out of a frightened dogs paw. You may mean well, but they are liable to snap and lash out anyway.

Sometimes, doing what is right for the customer means making do with what they have, against the marketing driven grain. It depends on many factors, most of which have more to do with the long-term health of the economy rather than any market-driven upgrade plan which lacks merit as long as the applications work."



  • Linux
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