Virtualization at Scale: How to Operationalize and Commercialize


One of the major causes for lack of full scale operationalization is the operators’ shortcoming with their existing network management and siloed operations support systems (OSS), which limits their ability to effectively fulfill and assure services in a hybrid environment. In many instances operators have taken a very myopic bottom-up approach where they have deployed solutions solely to manage the VNF components, which does nothing but add complexity to an already complex hybrid physical and virtual network environment. In addition to that lack of alignment between service fulfillment and service assurance, operators’ networks may also lack integrity between service configuration and device configuration, automatic discovery and reconciliation capability, real-time policy driven service management, evolution of centralized catalog to manage and blend both virtualized and non-virtualized services, and multi-party compensation and revenue management capability,  all of which can hinder commercialization of SDN and NFV.

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