November 15, 2006

Virtuozzo 3.0 for Linux

Sharon Smith writes "SWsoft Announces Updates for Virtuozzo Server Virtualization Software With Advanced Networking and Wider Application Support

HERNDON, Va., November 14, 2006 – SWsoft, a recognized leader in automation and virtualization software, today announced updates for the Linux and Windows versions of its Virtuozzo server virtualization software that dramatically improve networking management and provide greater support for Linux and Windows applications.

Both the Virtuozzo 3.0 for Linux Service Pack 1 and Virtuozzo 3.5.1 for Windows Service Pack 1 deliver advanced networking features including:

· Ethernet layer network adapter support - enables a virtual environment (VE) to run any Ethernet dependent application or service;

· VLAN support - allows set up of a virtual networking infrastructure that meets strict security requirements with complete network traffic isolation via support for virtual environment network adapters;

· Improved CPU management - the Linux update enables system administrators to assign any number of virtual CPUs, up to the number of physical CPUs available. The Windows update includes a new CPU scheduler to provide better isolation and enables strict CPU upper limits for each virtual environment.

“These updates to our Virtuozzo operating system-level virtualization technology provide significant improvements in terms of performance, scalability and security for our customers,” said Kurt Daniel, vice president of marketing and alliances, SWsoft. “Wider application support and advanced networking deliver greater flexibility and make it easier and more cost-efficient to create and manage Virtuozzo-based virtual servers.”

The Windows update also includes support for Citrix Presentation Server, which now can be directly installed in a virtual environment without any special configuration.

Operating System-Level Virtualization
With SWsoft Virtuozzo operating system (OS)-level server virtualization technology, a single Linux or Windows OS instance can be dynamically partitioned into multiple, highly-efficient virtual environments (VEs).

Virtuozzo is the first and only virtualization technology that addresses the challenge faced by today’s datacenters of operating systems sprawl where a number of different operating systems require support, maintenance and updating. Virtuozzo provides efficiency and manageability that result in the lowest total cost-of-ownership and fastest ROI for customers.

Virtuozzo is growing fastest among all vendors -- 98 percent -- in the hot overall market for virtualization technology, according to industry analyst firm IDC. (IDC Report: Worldwide Virtual Machine Software 2005 Vendor Shares, September 2006)

Virtuozzo 3.0 for Linux Service Pack 1 is available now from SWsoft and its partners worldwide. Virtuozzo 3.5.1 for Windows Service Pack 1 will be available in one month. These updates are made available at no additional charge to existing customers with subscriptions or the SWsoft software update service. For more information, visit

About SWsoft
SWsoft is a recognized leader in server automation and virtualization software. With more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, SWsoft's suite of award-winning products delivers proven performance, manageability and value. SWsoft is a high-growth company funded by Bessemer Venture Partners, Insight Venture Partners and Intel Capital. For more information about SWsoft, visit"

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