February 22, 2002

Virtuozzo enables over 2,000 instances of Linux on single Intel-based servers

Author: JT Smith

SWsoft, Inc., an advanced server and networking software company, today announced testing results for Virtuozzo 2.1, which set a new standard in enterprise-class Linux performance by supporting over 2000 instances of the Linux O/S on a low-cost Dell 8450 PowerEdge server.

As companies like Sun scramble to virtualize their proprietary operating systems with their the N1 strategy and IBM offers scaled-down mainframe functionality on the mid-sized z800 Raptor, SWsoft is today offering highly scalable virtualization technology for the Open Source Linux OS that will both provide Web hosting companies unparalleled efficiency and scalability and enable enterprises to consolidate servers in the data center and better manage the rapid proliferation of unconnected, underutilized servers.

SWsoft Chief Software Engineer Alexey Kuznetsov, recognized leader of Linux networking performance development, is pleased that his team's Virtuozzo technology can now bring mainframe-inspired Linux functionality, including high scalability, QoS guarantees and increased security, within the reach of tens of thousands of SMBs, enterprises and hosting providers.

Virtuozzo 2.1, available now for beta download, will officially be launched in Q2 '02. New features include VZMC -- a full GUI management tool, support for up to 64GB physical memory, name-based hosting, security enhancements, improved Service Level Management features such as advanced bandwidth management, improved bandwidth accounting and smart migration of VEs.

Virtuozzo 2.1 features a new web accelerator which utilizes the latest Linux kernel features (like zero-copy sendfile () and TCP_CORK options. These new features improve the high-end performance of Web servers and are increasingly being used by enterprises to consolidate servers in the data center and save valuable time and manhours.

"These test results show Virtuozzo improves the high-end performance of Internet applications on Intel-based servers," added Craig Oda, VP business development, SWsoft. "In a down economy where cost savings are paramount, issues such as server consolidation and increased performance of the data center have never been so important. Virtuozzo is intelligent technology that provides an affordable way to manage resources and information in the data center and maximize hardware performance."

Tim Smith, systems administrator for hosting service provider Usonyx (www.usonyx.com), agrees. "Virtuozzo allowed us to offer highly flexible dedicated hosting functionality for our demanding small business customers for as low as $20 a month. The performance and scalability have surpassed my expectations. I anticipate [Virtuozzo] 2.1 will further reduce our system administration and hardware costs, which is critical in this tenuous economy."

Virtuozzo is used by enterprise customers for server consolidation and by service providers to both better manage resources and customers across a network and to affordably offer a wide range of service plans and value-added services. The technology is also used by a wide range of businesses for storage virtualization, demos/trials and in testing environments.

Performance testing was conducted by the SWsoft development team, which includes Alexey Kusnetsov, who maintains the networking code of the Linux kernel. Virtuozzo achieved these staggering results using the Dell 8450 PowerEdge^(TM) servers running RedHat Linux 7.2.

Virtuozzo is available now for purchase beginning at $250 (without installation.) A complete solution of Dell 8450 hardware, software, OS, and implementation that allows scaling to 2,000 Linux instances starts at only $25,000. For more information on the Virtuozzo^(TM) technology, please see www.virtuozzo.com or www.sw-soft.com or contact sales@sw-soft.com.

About Usonyx

Usonyx is a leading provider of affordable, innovative Web hosting solutions for SMEs and offers Web hosting, e-commerce, and application hosting services. From basic shared to virtual private servers to dedicated hosting, Usonyx is providing a low-cost means of provisioning and maintaining a steadfast Web presence that meets and exceeds all business objectives. More information about Usonyx can be found at www.usonyx.com or sales@usonyx.com.

About SWsoft, Inc. (www.sw-soft.com)

SWsoft is an advanced server and networking software technology company focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo^(TM) technology with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters. SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that can help data centers automate management, accelerate operations and provide excellent return on investments.

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