March 10, 2015

VMware Update to GPL-Enforcement Suit

VMWare has published a statement on the lawsuit filed by Christoph Hellwig alleging copyright infringement. "On March 5, 2015, Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) announced a lawsuit in Germany, filed by Christoph Hellwig against VMware, alleging a failure to comply with the General Public License (GPL). We believe the lawsuit is without merit, and we are disappointed that the SFC and plaintiff have resorted to litigation given the considerable efforts we have made to understand and address their concerns. We see huge value in supporting multiple development methodologies, including free and open source software, and we appreciate the crucial role of free and open source software in the data center. In particular, VMware devotes significant effort supporting customer usage of Linux and F/OSS based software stacks and workloads." LWN recently covered the lawsuit. (Thanks to Emmanuel Seyman)

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