May 13, 2002

VMWare Workstation 3.1, Solid upgade to an already solid package

GonzoJohn writes ""As for what's new in this release, you can rest assured that everything seems a little faster, and if possible even a little bit more stable that the 3.0 release. There have been many bug fixes as well, and if you were using the 3.1 beta, you should upgrade since much of the experimental code was streamlined for a little performance pop in the official 3.1 release.

There have been many improvements in performance and stability, but not many truly new features are in the 3.1 release. That's good news for longtime VMWare users. However, there is one new feature that will interest learning and training institutions. VMWare 3.1 now allows repeatable suspend and resume functions for all guest operating systems.

What exactly does this mean?

Essentially, this feature enables you to shut down and save any guest operating system in a given state, with any applications you want running. You can then restart the guest OS virtual machine in exactly the same state as many times as you want. This will be a great feature for training institutions.

Read the review here""


  • Linux
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