Voice over IP with Linux

Frank Neugebauer writes “Linux vendor Linspire Inc. has released PhoneGaim, a free software program that
adds voice-over-IP functionality to the Linux-based Gaim instant messaging client.
Linspire, aka Lindows, has taken the popular open-source Gaim IM client, which
interoperates with AIM, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo IM services, and enhanced it with SIP
(Session Initiation Protocol)-based VOIP services. The resulting program, PhoneGaim,
enables users to communicate by voice as well as by IM chat.
PhoneGaim users will be able to use one buddy list for both IM and voice, according
to San Diego, Calif.-based Linspire. The program will show phone icons next to
users’ screen names, and they can be called with a click.

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