March 30, 2005

VoIP, Powered by Open-Source and Open-Standards

San Diego Open Sorce Software Organization writes "VoIP is changing the face of telephony. The Telephone was the first electrical instrument to enter the home. In over 100 years, wireline service (with many internal improvements) has remained the same; Until now! The Internet and VoIP, Voice over the Internet, is changing the definition of: what is a telephone call?

We need to understand how this new technology will affect our business and personal lives. What effect will it have on: Service providers; Charges; Tolls; Quality of Service; Safety; Etc?

This presentation will cover how the old wireline services worked. How VoIP works, what's different, what's the same. And how do we transition. The meeting will have it's technical points, but should be accessible to everyone.

This meeting is free and everyone is welcome.

04/06/05 6:30pm

Voice over IP is a hot topic in tech circles these days. At it's most basic form, VoIP enables phone calls to be routed over the internet. Why is this new way of making phone calls grabbing all of the headlines? Come find out what VoIP is, and how it has combined with open standards and open source software to take plain old telephone calls to the next level.

The presentation will explore the differences between current digital telephone networks, and VoIP; and the similarities and their respective strengths and weaknesses. We will also cover how one deploys a VoIP solution. What services are needed and who provides them? Where are the cost tradeoffs, and who is a candidate for deployment for VoIP.

Speakers bio:

Brian Degenhardt's experience in the hi-tech industry includes work in such diverse areas as network engineering, on-line media delivery and console game development. Currently he serves as CTO of Four Loop Technologies, the makers of the Switchvox PBX. Brian has contributed to numerous Open Source Projects including the Apache HTTP Server Project and the Squid Web Proxy Cache. Before Four Loop Technologies, Brian worked at Sony Computer Entertainment America developing the online component of many Playststion 2 video games. As a senior software engineer at, Brian designed and developed the serving infrastructure necessary to maintain the hundreds of's content servers, serving more than 60 million users with over 5 million downloads a day. Studies from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

The meeting will be held Wednesday evening April 6, at 6:30. Pizza and refreshments will be served

Meeting Location:

3954 Murphy Canyon Road

Suite D-200

San Diego CA, 92123

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