January 31, 2002

Vote Open Source in Java Developer's Journal Awards

Author: JT Smith

Gunnison Carbone writes: Vote for your favorite open source applications in the Java Developer's Journal awards at Java Developer's Journal. Open source is forging a paradigm shift in software development. By empowering users with open code, open source is creating great software that everyone can use. Support your community and vote open source today!

Open source products numbered by category:

2. Best Enterprise Database
MySQL mysql.com
PostgreSQL postgresql.org

3. Best Java Application
eForum/eContent jcorporate.com
Jive Forums coolservlets.com
Lutris Enhydra 3.5 enhydra.org

4. Best Java Application Server
JBoss jboss.org

6. Best Java Component
eContent jcorporate.com

9. Best Java IDE Environment
Netbeans.org netbeans.org

11. Best Java Messaging Tool
Open3 E-Business Messaging System open3.org

12. Best Java Modeling Tool
ArgoUML argouml.tigris.org

14. Best Java Reporting Tool
FOP for XSLT xml.apache.org/fop

15. Best Java Testing Tool
JUnit junit.org

17. Best Java Virtual Machine
Blackdown Java-Linux JVM blackdown.org

23. Best Wireless Application
Lutris Enhydra 3.5 enhydra.org

24. Best XML Tool
Apache Cocoon xml.apache.org/cocoon
Brock and Jfaq enhydra.org
BXXP bxxp.org
XMLC enhydra.org

25. Most Innovative Java Product
Apache Cocoon xml.apache.org/cocoon

26. Best Java e-Business Framework
Apache Cocoon xml.apache.org/cocoon
Expresso Framework jcorporate.com
Struts jakarta.apache.org/struts

29. Best Database Tool or Driver
MM.MySQL JDBC Driver mmmysql.sourceforge.net
PostgreSQL JDBC jdbc.psotgresql.org

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