July 27, 2002

W. Pennsylvania Open Source picnic

Zach Paine writes "Geeks Unite! This event is open to all linux geeks in the Western PA area.

This Saturday, July 27th, the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group will be
hosting it's first ever open source picnic. It will take place at the
Hickory Hills complex in the North Hills (directions below), starting at 4pm.

There will be a pool, so bring appropriate swimming wear (that means you
James!) and towels. There is also a jungle gym if you want to bring
geeks-in-training as well as a volleyball court and basketball court if
people bring basketballs or volleyballs. There are also indoor areas to
hangout, so the picnic will go on, rain or shine.

FOOD! Of course there will be food, provided that people volunteer to bring
some. There is a grill available, so if you can provide meat, that would be
quite helpful. People have already volunteered to bring food, but we still
need more. We also still need more tables and chairs, plates, forks, cups
napkins, drinks, and various other foods. If you can bring any of these
things please contact BethLynn, bluekanary@yahoo.com.

Also, please RSVP to Beth if you are planning to attend. If you are willing
to help set up, please show up between 2:30-4.

There is also a map and directions here."


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