April 15, 2007

W3C, Accessibility and the Web: A Shared Responsib

Author: Andy Updegrove

Andy Updegrove writes "One of the leaders in ensuring Web accessibility has long been the W3C, which has launched accessibility projects of many types for much of its existence.  Last week the W3C announced the lastest release in these efforts, and a good example of the quiet but important work that is ongoing at the W3C and a small number of other organizations. Unlike most large consortia, which tend to be driven primarily by commercial interests that focus on market opportunities, rather than market equalities, the W3C has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to ensuring that the fruits of its labors are accessible to all, regardless of physical abilities, culture, language or geographic location.It also demonstrated the degree of technical attention that achieving universal accessibility requires. Billions of people around the world will share in the benefits of work such as this – and yet will likely never know to whom they owe a well-deserved expression of appreciation."


  • Web Development
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