February 23, 2004

The War of the Chefs

Chuck Talk writes "In the years of the early second millennium, a strange battle has began to brew. This battle is minor to most, but to the culinary gourmets the struggle has become a war. The significance of that struggle is not lost upon our dietary pallet, yet it confounds diners for the most part.

The struggle is rooted in some chefs desires to limit the possibilities for recipe dissemination and distribution. Although the practice of people sharing recipes has been around for quite some time, some chefs made a great deal of money by refusing to share their recipes with anyone. This has led to a rather bland set of dishes some people are quite happy having served to them, while others desire a wider selection of culinary delights.

Those who prefer to keep their recipes secret are happy to keep the limited set of dishes available. They are adamant in assuring the public that they are happy to have competitors, after all, they did not wish to have all of the recipe market; they only want ninety-seven percent (97%) of the recipe market. Anyone else is free to take the rest of the recipe market.

Variety is they spice of life, and those diners who like to savor the flavors of dishes from far and wide found that there simply is no single source of recipes for dishes that could serve as the sustenance for all of mankind. These gourmets reasoned that perhaps they could build a network of shared recipes that would allow people to enjoy better meals."

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