August 12, 2004

Warez spammers discover Linux

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

We Linux users have probably gotten a collective total of at least 32 trillion pieces of spam email trying to sell us Windows warez. But until now, we were always frozen
out of these bargains. Unless we ran CrossOver Office, what did we need with a pirated
copy of Photoshop or Microsoft Office? (Not only that, most of us use free, open
source alternatives anyway.) But now we have arrived. There is finally enough
commercial software for Linux that the pirates and warez spammers want
our business, too.What follows is the complete text of a spam I recently spotted while checking
the "junk" file from my personal email address. I would not advise buying
anything from these people, of course, any more than I'd advise buying any of
the "priced to low to be legitimate" Windows products they sell.
Re: Software for Linux

From: sarah []


*name* 	*retail price* 	

*our price*

Borland Kylix 3 Enterprise 	$449 	*$40* 	order 
CrossOver Office 2.0.0 	$60 	*$15* 	order 
Nagware Fortran95 4.2 	$100 	*$15* 	order 
SCO Linux Server 4.0 (3 cds) 	$500 	*$50* 	order 
StarOffice Suite 7.0 	$300 	*$35* 	order 
Sun One Studio 4 Linux/Win 	$290 	*$40* 	order 
Suse Linux OpenExchange Server Service Pack 	$100 	*$50* 	order 
VMWare GSX Server 3.0 for Linux 	$700 	*$40* 	order 

* *

* *

*Software for windows is here []*

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