August 13, 2003

Was Unixware code donated willingly to Linux?

Anonymous Reader writes "It's previously been revealed that
Caldera [previous name of SCO Group] Employee Was Key Linux Kernel Contributor including helping out with some of the stuff SCO Group are now complaining about, like JFS.

SCO Group don't always seem clear about it, but prior to them getting rights to the AT&T code, the holder was a different company entirely, The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (now renamed Tarantella). This "Old SCO" sold some divisions, Unixware, and AT&T source code rights to Caldera (later renamed SCO Group) back in about 2001.

It turns out the "Old SCO" was helping out open source and Linux quite actively during 1999 to 2001, and apparently proud of it. They even had ideas about beefing up Linux SMP based on Unixware technology!"



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