Watch Your Back(ground)

Article Source Linux Journal
July 17, 2009, 10:37 am

They say that beauty is only skin deep ‚Äî if that is true, then Linux has a good shot at Miss World, as its available skins are many and varied indeed. As the impending release of Ubuntu 9.10 ‚Äî colorfully named the Karmic Koala ‚Äî draws near, it’s time to begin thinking about its skin, and that’s exactly what the Ubuntu Artwork Team is up to.

The Ubuntu default theme ‚Äî known as Human ‚Äî is perhaps the most aptly named of all themes in computing, regardless of operating system, bar none. It is often said that one of the great human tendencies is to argue, particularly over the trivial, and it may well be the case that there is more argument over the “brown theme” than any other aspect of the distribution. Ladies and gentlemen, now is your chance to flex your human tendencies and land your choice of colors on the backdrop of some thirty percent of Desktop Linux users…


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