Wayland and Weston 1.5.0 Released


The 1.5.0 releases of the Wayland display manager and Weston compositor are available. It has been a relatively quiet cycle, especially on the Wayland side, but there are still numerous improvements, including a transition to the new Xwayland server. “The Xwayland code was refactored to be its own X server in the Xorg tree, similar to how Xwin and Xquartz and Xnest work. A lot of the complexity and hacks in the old Xorg based Xwayland was about fighting Xorg trying to be a native display server, discovering input devices and driving the outputs. The goal was to be able to reuse the 2D acceleration code from the various Xorg DDX drivers. With glamor becoming a credible acceleration architecture, we no longer need to jump through those hoops and the new code base is much simpler and cleaner as a result.” There is also a change in the maintainer model, with Kristian Høgsberg giving commit privileges to a number of top-level developers.

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