We Need Your Help on IT Security


Over the last few months, our writers have been able to take a deeper look at IT security and share their reports with the Linux.com community thanks to Centrify. It is the combination of generous sponsorships from companies like Centrify and the contributions from Linux.com community members that help us ensure the site delivers on all matters Linux.

As part of its ongoing support, Centrify today is launching a four-part poll on security right here on Linux.com. Each Wednesday during the month of February, we’ll pose a different question to the community about how your companies are handling security in today’s enterprise environments.

By taking the poll, you will help partners and community members prioritize their work on security software and features and make sure every unique voice is heard. We’re launching the poll this week with a question about on-premise security considerations. Next week, we’ll ask a similar question about cloud-based systems. You can help make more clear fact vs fiction when it comes to how sysadmins and developers really feel about traditional and next-generation enterprise computing security concerns.

Please join us in taking the poll and share it with your colleagues both here at Linux.com and around the web. We’ve never heard of a Linux user who didn’t like to share his or her opinion, so don’t be shy now. During the weeks ahead, I’ll share the results here in this blog and we can debate them like any good online community would.

This week’s poll question is now live.