August 30, 2004

We Want the Airwaves!

Chuck Talk writes "If there is anything that has been lost to the public since the large media giants began taking over the airwaves, it is the availability of a diversity of opinion, news and thought. What has traditionally made our society a great nation is our ability to allow the differences of opinions, discussions and localized news to occur without a corporate news director deciding what is relevant to the public. I miss that diversity that existed when I was a child. I miss that diversity that has slowly been eroded by the corporate media.

That is why I was pleased to find that there is an opportunity for the American people to return to non-censored news and localized reporting. That opportunity is the promise of Low-Power Frequency Modulation (FM) radio. This isn't some fly-by-night idea, it is an idea that is an actual bill, Senate Bill, S-2505, proposed by Senator John McCain or Arizona, and co-sponsored by Senators Patirck J. Leahy, Maria Cantwell and Max Baucus."


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