January 31, 2003

Web administration framework phpGeneral 0.6.0 released

Norbert Sendetzky writes:
After more than a half year of development we are proud to announce the next
production stable series of phpGeneral, an object-oriented web administration
framework written in PHP and licensed under LGPL.

phpGeneral is intended for managing users, groups and devices on Linux/Unix
systems stored in a ldap database. Is was designed to simplify the tasks
of adding, deleting or modifying the information collected in a ldap tree by
providing an easy to use interface to the objects and their attributes.

Important new features are:

  • True framework for administration application
  • Support of all ldap objects
  • New administration modules
  • Search interface
  • Formular wizard

The framework is highly extensible because of its modular architecture. There
are several plugins for the main application available, which provides additional
capabilities, like the extension for managing cyrus imapd user mailboxes. It's
also possible to write new applications based on this framwork in a short amount
of time by using the object-oriented low level library, which is the base for all
existing phpGeneral applications.

More information as well as source code and documentation is available at

Link: linuxnetworks.de


  • Open Source
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