February 22, 2006

Web Desktop eyeOS Releases v0.8.11

Judland writes "Today, the eyeOS development team released version 0.8.11 of their on-line, web enabled desktop environment, eyeOS.

Improvements to the eyeOS web browser, eyeNav, as well of some minor bug fixes are the focus of this release. New user documentation for most of the core system applications also appears in this release.

Other features include improvements to eyePhones (the eyeOS personal contacts database), eyeMessages (the eyeOS internal messaging client), and touch-ups to the system's base desktop themes.

eyeOS is an open source web enabled desktop environment, written with a combination of HTML, PHP, and AJAX.

You can learn more about the eyeOS project by visiting http://www.eyeos.org/"

Link: eyeos.org

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