January 18, 2002

Web review: Chuck's Linux File Manager Page

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -

We get so much software with our Linux distributions, sometimes it
helps to check out a Web site that focuses on some useful niche. For
instance, you might not have known that typing "mc" in many Linux
distributions will bring up a nifty file manager called Midnight
Commander. Chuck's Linux File Manager Page is your clue bus.When I stumbled upon Midnight Commander recently while researching a
bug fix for my laptop's sound card driver, I was excited. Yes, I
know; I'm easily amused. Yet, here was the file manager I'd been missing
since the days of DOS, hiding there on my hard drive just waiting for me to use it. Ultra responsive, quick to use with keystroke
sequences, and bright, ANSI-like colors. OK, so the colors don't matter
that much, but hey, they're nice.

But if I hadn't run across it randomly, I might never have found it.
Unless I had Chuck's page to guide me. This is a nice, plain, easy to
read page that lists various file managers in a table, and links to
Chuck's comments, screenshots of the program in action, and each
application's official Web site.

And that's about it. There's nothing to complicate this page, no
news feeds or penguin graphics or silly polls -- just good information that
unfortunately, tends to get lost in the billions of sites competing with
it for our attention.

Chuck writes that he was a biochemist when he
began the Linux File Manager page, and at that time called himself a
"wimp" because he preferred GUI file managers to cryptic command line
interface. These days, he writes, he uses the command line frequently in
his new career as a sys admin. But he still prefers the GUI file

With this collection, he's chosen only the best file
managers, beginning with Midnight Commander, and progressing through
applications like TkDesk, Xplore, Northern Captain, and others.

Although there
were one or two Web site links that were unreachable when I checked, and although it was last updated in December 2000, Chuck's Linux File
Manager Page
is one of those sites that provide a valuable service. You're going to enjoy checking out these useful but little-known applications.
It's nice to find such an easy to use guide to the best file managers available for Linux.


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