January 25, 2001

Web review: Even penguins like to have fun at LinuxGames.com

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
Here's a weblog for Linux gamers where you'll find out about the latest in Linux
game releases -- the big ones (like at Loki) and the small ones (like at
freshmeat).LinuxGames sports the dark background that all gaming sites are required to
have -- that's how you know it's cool. That, and the fact that when I visited,
there was daily activity and news updates. Nothing is lamer than finding what
could be a great site and discovering that it has lain dormant for six

So, LinuxGames is up-to-date, and each news item carries download and screenshot
links where appropriate. True to weblog form, readers can comment on the news --
not much of that going on, though.

In addition to the latest news page, there are some interesting tidbits for
gamer boys (and girls), like several gaming HOWTOs -- LanParty, Quake, StarCraft,
Ultima, and UltraHLE.

If you like Windows for the games, but would love to get rid of the dual boot, consider running them under Wine. There are
success stories posted at the LinuxGames site, along with tips for getting those
desirable games to work with Wine.

There are also original articles and reviews posted on the site. It's been a
while since any new articles have gone up, but the ones that are there are worth
reading. This section could use some updating.

The forums are active, and you can take your pick from topics like Quake, wine
gaming, emulators, tournaments, and more. LinuxGames also provides an ftp server
full of free downloads and lots of links to outside gaming sites.

LinuxGames is altruistically offering hosting space to sites that are dedicated
to Linux gaming. There are standards, but for those who pass muster,
unlimited web and ftp space, great bandwidth, front page site promotion, and
email await. All you have to do is place LinuxGame's random ad banner on your

LinuxGames.com should be high on your list of sites to check for the latest
Linux gaming news.

If you know of a site that should be featured in Newsforge's
weekly website review, let me know.


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