February 22, 2001

Web review: Get your free job mojo here

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
Looking for a Linux job? Or perhaps you're a company in need of a network engineer. Here are two (almost) free sites that just might fill the gap: Mojolin and Mojosco.Mojolin (stands for "more jobs linux") is the creation of Dan Barber, who says he does this as a service to the Linux community. Users can post resumes and job openings freely, and then these submissions are searchable and viewable by all visitors to the site, regardless of whether they're a registered member or not.

Some of the most recent jobs posted include one for a PHP web developer in the New England area, a Linux systems administrator in Orange County, Calif., a senior network architext manager in Ontario, and openings for Internet security engineers in Ireland. And if you like to telecommute, there's an opening for "Linux expert" at a company called LabMentors.

Not only are the jobs flowing, the database of resumes appears to be growing daily as well. These are worth a look even if you're not hunting for a new employee. It's nice to see what your colleagues are doing. Caution: email addresses are prominently displayed here, so if you're worried about spam, don't use your primary account.

And on that note, if you're worried about anonymity, there doesn't appear to be any way to post a resume or a job without displaying your identity -- which means this wouldn't be a good place to look for your next job if your current employer might have a problem with that.

Jobs and resumes are only slightly less plentiful on the Mojosco site, which is the same as Mojolin except that it focuses on network engineer jobs exclusively, and there is a charge for employers who wish to post openings and view resumes. Barber also charges a referral fee on the Mojosco site. Mojosco is newer than Mojolin, so it is probably just in the process of catching on, or maybe the fees have something to do with it being less populated.

Registering as a job seeker makes you eligible to receive a 25% discount on SAIR Linux/GNU certifications. You can also sign up to be emailed a list of the most recent job postings each morning, a feature that Barber says is in alpha-development. You don't get anything for signing up if you register as an employer ... but it's the only way you can post positions.

Posting a resume or job opening looks easy. It's just a matter of choosing from some preconfigured headings for things like location, salary, job titles, etc., and then adding some descriptive text. Resume posters can choose to hide their resume; helpful if you're stuck on something and need to come back later.

Barber says he'll gratefully accept referral fees from anyone who snags a position or an employee as a result of the Mojolin/Mojosco sites -- but it is not required.

Mojolin/sco also provides links to babelfish for translation of resumes or job postings, occasional articles and commentary, and free job/resume feeds that you can place on your Web site, much like the NewsForge newsfeed. And last but not least, if you're a collector of cotton jersey, you can snag a "Hackers Wanted" T-shirt from Mojo-lin/sco for $16. Pretty cool.

Check out Mojolin/sco and tell me what you think. We're also looking for sites you deem worthy of the NewsForge spotlight, so email your suggestions today.

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