August 24, 2001

Web review: Happy birthday, Mr. Penguin, happy birthday to you

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
Tomorrow is the official 10th birthday of Linux, the anniversary of the date that Linus Torvalds posted in the Minix newsgroup about the hobby OS he was working on -- nothing "big and professional like GNU." I learned that at, and I also know where all the good parties are happening.
Linux10 isn't just a Web site; it's an event that is sponsored by the Silicon Valley LUG, the South Bay/Silicon Valley Community Network, and the East Bay LUG. These are the big daddies of LUGs. They get speakers like maddog and have corporate sponsors to help with finances. So it's no surprise that they'd have the momentum needed to organize a raise the roof event like this one, being held at the Sunnyvale Baylands Park in California.

The site is everything an event Web site should be. It's got a guest list for people to RSVP. There's a "rides needed" list and a "rides offered" list. You can get the GPS coordinates of the party location, or public transportation information, maps, special instructions for bike riders, driving directions, and even fly-in directions.

There's a place to volunteer, and a list of workers already secured. There will be lots of food, games, and activities, and they'll need lots of people to help clean up. This event even has its own security staff -- all of them are ham radio operators who are prepared to communicate via radio between the four areas of the event and the transit shuttle -- oh yes, there's also a transit shuttle with a full complement of mini-van drivers to pick partiers up from the rail station.

You can buy a Linux10 T-shirt at the site for $15 and have it shipped for $3.95; or you can pick it up at the party. You just can't pay for it there -- the park forbids it.

Linux10 has already been an overwhelming success. They've posted this on the site:

"We had to stop accepting new RSVPs for Linux10 because we have reached the picnic
area's capacity. I am sincerely sorry that we have to turn people away ... We reserved enough
capacity at the Sunnyvale Baylands Park for 625 people. That's everything that was
still available for Aug 25 when we made the reservation in early July."

You can still be there in spirit. Or, take a trip to the East Coast version of Linux10, sponsored by the Philadelphia LUG and the Bucks County LUG. Strange message at the East Coast Linux10 site: "The East-Coast Linux10 event is a 'media OK' event. Members of the media may attend and cover the event, but why
would you want to? It's just a bunch of people hanging around and having a good time. :)"

Other smaller Linux10 events are happening across the United States and all over the world. Check the Web site for those listings.


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