December 14, 2000

Web review: Linux database resources, Pal

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -

If relational databasing for Linux is your thing, here's a Pal for you. Pal Domokos, that is. He's put together the most "un-egotistical" collection of Linux resources for relational databases like SQL, Adabas, and Informix, just to name a few.Why "un-egotistical?" There's no hint of "check us out" here -- it's just quiet signposts to all the best information. Not a single "about us" link to be found. Domokos' own description of the site tells it all: "This site is a compilation of the best free online readings about relational databases on Linux. If you're a Linux RDBMS/database administrator, a database designer/developer, or simply a Linux user with database ambitions, you'll find links to valuable resources here: articles, papers, and books on various aspects of relational database management. Needless to say, much of this material is more or less applicable to other (UNIX) environments, too."

The site is quick-loading, graphics-free, and perfectly organized for easy navigation. He's done an excellent job of collecting fresh information for research and self-study -- and not just for database information, either. The secret about Pal's site is that, even if you're not into RDBMS, you're going to find some good stuff here.

There are three top-level sections for links: RDBMS Independent Topics, RDBMSs, and Linux for Database Professionals.

RDBMS Independent Topics breaks down into sub-topics such as Fundamentals, Data Warehousing, Benchmarks, and Java (to name a few); these are further broken down to individual pages of closely related annotated links. The second main category, RDBMS, has information about the actual databases; and the third, Linux for Database Professionals, has all that great general information on the kernel, meaning of Open Source, security, administration, newbie stuff, and online magazines/discussion sites -- again, neatly categorized and sub-divided.

Domokos is no slacker when it comes to keeping the site current, either. The News section holds his reports on weekly updates to linkage. Things are so fresh, you get the feeling he's there at the same time you are, dusting off the shelves, polishing the chrome, arranging the merchandise just so. Much care has gone into this resource, and it shows. You'll enjoy discovering new resources at Pal's Linux RDBMS Library, so go check it out.

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