May 24, 2001

Web site's KDE vs. GNOME poll results are lopsided

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
Nothing much has been said lately about the old Hatfield vs. McCoy rivalry between desktop suites KDE and GNOME. But word has come through the KDE promo mailing list that one certain (unscientific) poll is getting a lot of hits on the KDE side.Texstar's is a typical Linux headline news site; the site links to various topics of interest, like NewsForge, Slashdot, LinuxToday, and lots of others do. It appears PCLinuxOnline hasn't been around a long time, because there are only 24 registered members.

The interesting thing about PCLinuxOnline is the current survey. An impressive 2,773 votes have been cast. The question: What is your primary desktop window manager? Every Open Source answer that comes to mind is an option here -- there's even an "other" option in case anyone wants to vote for MS Windows or something else that's not on the list. What's really surprising is that a whopping 2,504 of the votes have been cast in favor of KDE 2.

One might immediately cry "ballot-box stuffing," but the fine print at PCLinuxOnline says "one vote per day allowed." We tested that rule, and it does appear to only count one of our votes. Webmaster "Texstar" says that the poll is not rigged, but he thinks that news of the poll was posted on The Dot, the KDE news site, and that is why the results are skewed.

The survey hasn't been around long -- the first comment about the survey was posted May 22.

A look at the stats page on PCLinuxOnline shows that almost one-third of the 13,249 visitors for this month blew through using the Microsoft IE browser. Zero, as in none, were using Konqueror, according to the stats page the first time NewsForge visited.


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