WebGUI Community Contest

Plain Black writes “
The WebGUI Community Contest (WCC) is now underway with cash prizes of more than $3,000. If you’re a web designer or perl programmer, you should check it out. You can win some cold hard cash!

The WCC has a simple premise: the community members that participate make some money, and the rest of the community benefits from the results.

Last year we had some incredible entries, over 30 in all. There were a dozen or so web designs, a shopping cart, a project planner, a real estate listings system, an indexed search engine, and much much more. We see no reason why this year should be any different. We hope to get even more participants this year.

Perl Programmers
If you’re a Perl programmer you can write all sorts of macros, authentication systems, applications, and utilities for WebGUI. The sky is the limit. And with only a few hours of work, you could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer!

Web Designers
Our community is hungry for new themes they can use in their sites. Whether it be a web design, a new set of templates for the forums, or even some kind of new navigation layout, you too have an incredible shot at winning the grand prize.

Check out the rules and then get to work. But above all, have fun with it. This is a game after all.”

Link: plainblack.com