July 14, 2006

WebGUI Users Conference

Kristi McCombs writes "Annual WebGUI Users Conference Offers Insight into the Workings of WebGUI Content Engine®

14 July, 2006- Madison, WI- On the tail of the release of WebGUI 7, Plain Black Corporation® prepares for its annual WebGUI Users Conference hosted at the Vegas Club Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV from September 13-15. This conference is the ultimate learning tool for any organization using the WebGUI Content Engine®. This year's conference not only aims to educate on the various applications of WebGUI, it also offers members of the WebGUI community a hands-on learning experience. Representatives from Plain Black®, along with domestic and international field experts, will be offering a variety of workshops. A full description of events and accommodations can be accessed at www.plainblack.com/wuc.

During the conference, attendees can choose to attend sessions in two tracks targeted towards technical and non-technical users. The technical session track of the conference is geared towards programmers and system administrators. Expert technical presenters will be covering topics on everything from beginner's Perl, wobjects, and the WebGUI's Workflow engine and Spectre The non-technical session track offers opportunities for content managers and designers to learn about creative approaches to business communication, WebGUI's workflow and versioning capabilities, and real life approaches to implementing WebGUI in day to day business activities.

Attendees with technical experience can benefit from the conference by attending sessions to:
*Enhance their Perl knowledge. Presentations cover Perl syntax for variables, conditionals, subroutines, references, objects and packages.
*Write and build wobjects. Learn and apply the principles of designing a wobject from the ground up.
*Create and troubleshoot workflow activities using the WebGUI Workflow engine and Spectre.
*Learn the basics of the WRE including installation, upgrading and usage before moving into more advanced topics such as setting up SSL, PHP, and load balancing.
*Learn about writing macros, utility scripts, tests, and assets.

In the non-technical session track, attendees can:
*Explore creative approaches to business communication to help facilitate creative and constructive communication in a business setting.
*Learn about WebGUI's versioning and workflow systems.
*Hear a real life account of a Fortune 500 company that built its Intranet using WebGUI.
*Attend a site building workshop.
*Learn more about templates and style.

The WebGUI Users Conference is an annual event hosted by Plain Black Corporation®, creators of the WebGUI Content Engine®. In 2001, Plain Black® released the first public version of WebGUI. Today, WebGUI is one of the most popular open source content management systems available. It is downloaded over 5,000 times per month and is in use as a web application framework in thousands of organizations around the world. Plain Black® offers support, training, and customization of WebGUI and the technologies related to WebGUI. For more information on Plain Black® and WebGUI visit www.plainblack.com.

For information: www.plainblack.com
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