January 10, 2005

WebTech 2005.

Bogomil Shopov writes "WebTech 2005 will take place in the late April (22nd - 23rd, Friday and Saturday) at Sofia, Bulgaria.

What is WebTech?
WebTech is an IT conference in all aspects of this concept. The WebTech idea was conceived some 2 years ago and it first took place in March 2004. The goals that we set up were to discuss the new trends and popularize the business, education, services applications of the IT

In difference with the previous edition of the conference now the lections will be divided into two different streams IT and IB.
Each one will have specific auditoria. In general - from all levels of the IT ( business, development, planning, programming, project management⦠).
This will be the second edition of the conference. The first one took place in March 2005.

Main Topics:

- What hides behind www investments?
- how to create a project from the business's point of view;
- what makes the big WEB "players" really big. Economic basis for software usage.
- Outsourcing;
- Attracting IT investments;

- the new PHP capabilities;
- PHP applications security
- News and technologies;
- Business application of the PHP;
- Turning to PHP from other languages - installing and configuration of the language;
- PHP 5,.NET, Ruby, Python. WEB applications security and WEB services;
- Other connected to the topic.

Call for Papers are still open.

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