February 8, 2002

Weddingherald.com uses Open Source to link photographers with wedding parties

Author: JT Smith

Weddingherald.com is an Internet based business
that utilizes open source technologies to offer services to professional wedding
photographers and wedding couples. Located in Troy, NY, weddingherald.com has
worked with local photographers to develop an online service that allow photographers
to quickly and easily build elegant online wedding albums for their customers.
The online albums allow wedding couples to share their photographs with family
and friends who live far away and might not otherwise get to see the photographs.

Weddingherald.com's online e-commerce wedding albums are built on a PHP and MySQL
foundation, and enable photographers to expand their customer base by selling
directly to the friends and family of the wedding couple. Weddingherald.com also
provides an opportunity for photographers to increase the visibility of their
studios by giving them free web space to host their own portfolios and display
their work to prospective clients.

Each online album is professionally built and customized for each wedding. The
wedding couple can to login their own weddingherald.com account to organize their
photographs, add captions, and send beautiful online eInvitations to friends and
family to come and visit their album.

Find out more about weddingherald.com by visiting their website at http://www.weddingherald.com

2422 Lavin Court
Troy, NY 12180

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