November 19, 2001

This week in DotGNU - no. 5

Author: JT Smith

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1. New auth project: IDsec

2. List of 20 development projects in DotGNU

3. Meet the DotGNU Crew in January 2002 at LinuxWorld NYC

4. Release of Portable.NET 0.2.4 and pnetlib 0.0.8

New auth project: IDsec


IDsec is a mechanism that provides an identity for users on the internet. Identity in this system means that a user is known by a certain profile which contains precisely those attributes that the user wants to reveal to the requester of his profile.

Access to profile attributes is managed by the user himself. Certificates and public/private key mechanisms ensure that information is exchanged in a secure way between parties that trust each other.

A preliminary implementation that implements the core of the different parts of the system exists, and Hans Zandbelt of Telematica Instituut in Enschede, Netherlands (where this system is being developed) has stated: "Now our intention is to distribute and develop it further as a proposal in the DotGNU portfolio." DotGNU Steering Committee chairman David Sugar, who will be in Enschede anyway from the 27th of Nov thru Dec 1st for the Linux Kongress, will meet with Hans Zandbelt to discuss the next steps.

List of 20 development projects in DotGNU


DotGNU is a meta-project which could in principle be an umbrella for any number of development projects, but it is important to focus on the most important components at first. Therefore, until the release DotGNU 1.0, the number of official DotGNU development projects will be limited to at most twenty. The time has come to work towards finalizing this list of high priority development projects; a first draft has been posted at

One major way in which this proposal differs from previous plans is the inclusion of support for PHP3. Not only is PHP a very convenient language for creating XML files, PHP support is also necessary for close cooperation with the phpGroupWare project which now appears highly desirable. In related news, Bradley Kuhn is organizing a phone conference call about integration between GNU Enterprise, DotGNU and GNU Groupware Standards.

Meet the DotGNU Crew in January 2002 at LinuxWorld NYC


The LinuxWorld conference in New York City (USA) will be a good opportunity to meet many of the key people behind organizing the DotGNU effort. A special DotGNU panel will be held on January 30th at 2:30pm. The full announcement is available at

Release of Portable.NET 0.2.4 and pnetlib 0.0.8


The major changes in this release are to the runtime engine. The engine can now run more complicated example programs, as long as they don't use exceptions, delegates, or tail calls. Rhys Weatherley has also integrated the Hans-Boehm garbage collector, which is used by gcc and other projects. This is a very stable system that has been ported to many platforms, and solves many of the nasty problems of garbage collection in a C environment.

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