January 14, 2002

This week in DotGNU - no 8

Author: JT Smith

See http://www.dotgnu.org for general information about DotGNU.
1. "DotGNU Application Server" project announced
2. "Business Plan for DotGNU Inc" project announced
3. News from the Portable.NET C# compiler
4. News from the "pnetlib" class library

"DotGNU Application Server" project announced
Barry Fitzgerald has announced a new DotGNU development project to
create a C# Distributed AppServer with fail-over and clustering
support.  When combined with DotGNU-SEE, and Portable.Net and an
Auth / Virtual Identities solution, this AppServer framework will
provide the base for a complete .Net and Hailstorm alternative.   

"Business Plan for DotGNU Inc" project announced
Norbert Bollow has announced a project to create a business
plan for "DotGNU Inc", a company to be created around the community
DotGNU developers, which will generate revenue and pay developers for
their work.  At this stage, the main purposes of the business plan

* to reality check the business ideas

* to convince participating developers that we indeed have a
  viable plan that does not in any way violate the principles
  of Free Software ethics

* to help us know in what direction we want to go in creating this
  "DotGNU Inc".

Everyone who wants to see DotGNU succeed is invited to
participate in the creation of this business plan.


News from the Portable.NET C# compiler
Rhys Weatherley has released version 0.2.8 of Portable.NET :

Web Page: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/portable_net.html
Download: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/download/pnet-0.2.8.tar.gz

He has also added the module "cscctest" to the Portable.NET CVS
repository, which contains the beginnings of a regression test suite
for the C# compiler in Portable.NET, and he has publicly made this
offer: "The first to report 50 bugs in the compiler, complete with
test cases, gets their name in lights, bragging rights, and a free
e-mail message from me thanking them. :-)"

News from the "pnetlib" class library
Version 0.1.2 of the "pnetlib" class library has been released, and
can be downloaded from


Of particular interest is the newly-added file "HACKING" which
explains how you contribute.

Gopal.V has written a program for automatically creating the "pnetlib
status pages" which you find at http://www.dotgnu.org/pnetlib-status/
On these pages you can see what is classes, methods, etc are still in
need of someone who implements them.

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