April 30, 2015

This Week in Linux News: Humanitarian Open Source Projects, Microsoft Opens Up, and More

"help-button-66608 640 copy"This week in Linux news, open source projects respond to humanitarian needs, Microsoft opens up, and more. Read on for the top stories from this week. 

1) In the wake of Nepal's tragic earthquake, a member of Red Hat's Open Source & Standards team shares five open source humanitarian projects.

5 Humanitarian FOSS Projects to Watch- OpenSource.com

2) An overview of Let's Encrypt: the Internet Security Research Group hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Let's Encrypt Offers Free, Automated and Open SSL Security Certificate Authority for Websites- App Developer Magazine

3) Microsoft announces its first full preview of .NET for Linux & Mac OS X.

Microsoft Launches Its .NET Distribution For Linux And Mac- TechCrunch

4) Microsoft releases code editor for Linux and Mac OS X.

Visual Studio Running on OS X and Linux for Free? SO Close- The Register

5) Sophisticated, under-the-radar malware spams Linux machines.

Spam-Blasting Malware Infects Thousands of Linux and FreeBSD Servers- Ars Technica


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