May 13, 2016

This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project Set to Bolster Blockchain, AGL Membership Grows, & More

1) The Hyperledger Project will be the "open source programming project even bigger than bitcoin" to bolster a flexible blockchain system.


The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin speaks to the importance of sharing the development of the blockchain; The Hyperledger Project will bolster the process with help from sponsoring industry heavyweights.

Bitcoin Goes Corporate, Or At Least the Blockchain Does- Newsweek

2) Automotive Grade Linux' membership base is growing and diversifying rapidly.

Linux will be the Major Operating System of 21st Century Cars- ZDNet

3) Apache Big Data event showcases wealth of developer talent in Vancouver.

An Open Source Tour de Force at Apache: Big Data 2016- Datanami

4) 59% of hiring managers will increase the number of open source talent in their organization within the next six months.

Demand for Open Source Talent on the Rise- Betanews

5) Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of the stable Linux kernel, delivers keynote at CoreOS Fest.

How Linux Kernel Development Impacts Security- eWeek

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