This Week in Linux News: Hyperledger Project Set to Bolster Blockchain, AGL Membership Grows, & More


1) The Hyperledger Project will be the “open source programming project even bigger than bitcoin” to bolster a flexible blockchain system.

The Linux Foundation’s Jim Zemlin speaks to the importance of sharing the development of the blockchain; The Hyperledger Project will bolster the process with help from sponsoring industry heavyweights.
Bitcoin Goes Corporate, Or At Least the Blockchain Does– Newsweek

2) Automotive Grade Linux’ membership base is growing and diversifying rapidly.

Linux will be the Major Operating System of 21st Century Cars– ZDNet

3) Apache Big Data event showcases wealth of developer talent in Vancouver.

An Open Source Tour de Force at Apache: Big Data 2016– Datanami

4) 59% of hiring managers will increase the number of open source talent in their organization within the next six months.

Demand for Open Source Talent on the Rise– Betanews

5) Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of the stable Linux kernel, delivers keynote at CoreOS Fest.

How Linux Kernel Development Impacts Security– eWeek