September 18, 2015

This Week in Linux News: Linux Desktop Is Hot in China, Microsoft Committed to Node.js, and More

"Lighbulb inside a pyramid"

This week in Linux news, the Dell's Linux desktop is experiencing popularity in China, the Linux Foundation's newly-released security checklist offers important value for protecting your Linux workstation, and more! Continue reading for our top picks of the week's Linux headlines. 

1) Dell sells a staggering number of PCs with Linux in China. 

It's the Year of the Linux Desktop, for Dell, in China- PCWorld

2) Disney researchers use Linux-powered light bulbs.

Linux Light Bulbs Allow Devices To Talk To Each Other With Flashes Of Brilliance- TechCrunch

Disney Lights Up IoT with Linux Light Bulb-

3) Mark Shuttleworth backs Stéphane Graber's announcement of LXD's version 0.18.

LXD Is the New Pure-Container Hypervisor for Linux, Says Mark Shuttleworth- Softpedia

4) The Linux Foundation's new security checklist "offers important security value."

Understanding the World of Linux Foundation Security Checklist- Boosh Articles

5) Microsoft reinforces commitment to open source Node.js technology.

Embracing Node.js, Microsoft Seeks Open Source Dev Help- Application Development Trends Magazine

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