This Week in Linux News: Linux Desktop Is Hot in China, Microsoft Committed to Node.js, and More


"Lighbulb inside a pyramid"

This week in Linux news, the Dell’s Linux desktop is experiencing popularity in China, the Linux Foundation’s newly-released security checklist offers important value for protecting your Linux workstation, and more! Continue reading for our top picks of the week’s Linux headlines. 

1) Dell sells a staggering number of PCs with Linux in China. 

It’s the Year of the Linux Desktop, for Dell, in China– PCWorld

2) Disney researchers use Linux-powered light bulbs.

Linux Light Bulbs Allow Devices To Talk To Each Other With Flashes Of Brilliance– TechCrunch

Disney Lights Up IoT with Linux Light Bulb–

3) Mark Shuttleworth backs Stéphane Graber’s announcement of LXD’s version 0.18.

LXD Is the New Pure-Container Hypervisor for Linux, Says Mark Shuttleworth– Softpedia

4) The Linux Foundation’s new security checklist “offers important security value.”

Understanding the World of Linux Foundation Security Checklist– Boosh Articles

5) Microsoft reinforces commitment to open source Node.js technology.

Embracing Node.js, Microsoft Seeks Open Source Dev Help– Application Development Trends Magazine