March 4, 2016

This Week in Linux News: The Linux Foundation Advocates for Gender Diversity With New Partnership, SCO Lawsuit Comes to an End, & More.

Photo by Alaina PercivalThis week in Linux news, The Linux Foundation advocates for gender diversity in tech industry events with new Women Who Code partnership, SCO lawsuit comes to an end due to a lack of money, and more! Get up to date on the latest Linux & OSS stories with this weekly digest:

1) The Linux Foundation partners with Women Who Code on diversity initiatives for 2016 events.

Women In Technology: The Challenge and the Responsibility- Forbes

How the Linux Foundation is Increasing the Woman Force in Open Source- CIO

2) Linux/Unix code and copyright battle between SCO Group and IBM lawsuit is nearing an end due to SCO's dwindling funds.

Win for Open Source: SCO Court Case against Linux Hits End of Road- The VAR Guy

3) Ubuntu MATE updates the Raspberry Pi flavour maker to support porting of Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and Ubuntu Server OSes for the newly-released Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Anyone Can Now Port Ubuntu Linux for Raspberry Pi 3 with Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker- Softpedia

4) Linux Mint developers recieve criticism for their handling of a recent security breach, but might deserve praise.

Linux Mint: The Right Way to React to a Security Breach- ZDNet

5) The Ubuntu-running Dell XPS Developer Edition will now feature Thunderbolt 3 support with new update.

Dell is bringing Thunderbolt 3 support to Linux systems- Digital Trends



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