November 12, 2015

This Week in Linux News: Linux Web Server Malware Resolved, Linux Foundation's OpenHPC Launch, & More

OpenHPCThis week in Linux news, encryption ransomware targeting Linux Web servers is resolved, a new Linux Foundation high-performance computing Collaborative Project launches, & more! Don't miss these Linux headlines from the past week.

1) Linux-based operating systems are being targeted by Web server malware 

New Encryption Ransomware Targets Linux Systems- Ars Technica

The malware is stopped by Romanian researchers.

Thanks for Playing: New Linux Ransomware Decrypted, Pwns Itself- The Register

2) Investigating the recently-announced Microsoft & Red Hat team-up. 

A Closer Look At Microsoft And Red Hat Partnership- Forbes

3) New Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, OpenHPC, to build framework for high-performance computing.

Linux Foundation Launches Open Source High-Performance Computing Group- The VAR Guy

4) The third installment in the "World Without Linux" web series has been released.

Watch: A World Without Linux Would Mean a World Without Social Connections- Softpedia

5) Valve celebrates the release of first Steam Machines by hosting Linux games sale. 

Linux-Friendly Steam Sale Celebrates Valve's Big Steam Machine Launch- PCWorld

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