June 18, 2015

This Week in Linux News: Node.js Foundation Launches, Linus Torvalds Considers the Future of Linux, and More.

Linus TorvaldsBetween Bloomberg's interview with Linux creator Linus Torvalds, and the Node.js Foundation launch, this was a big week for Linux news. Catch up on the top headlines below.

1) Linux Foundation-hosted Node.js Foundation launches, with industry-wide support.

Linux Foundation Launches Node.js Foundation- eWeek

2) Linus Torvalds weighs in on the past, present, and future of Linux.

The Creator of Linux on the Future Without Him- Bloomberg

3) Newly-expanded Linux Foundation Scholarship Program now accepting applications.

The Linux Foundation Opens Scholarship Program -- Will You Apply?- BetaNews

4) Google's Chromium snuck proprietary code into the FOSS Debian Linux distro. Debian Project attempts to fix. 

Chrome, Debian Linux, and the Secret Binary Blob Download Riddle- The Register

5) Let's Encrypt to launch to the public, with first free digital certificates issued next month.

Free Encryption Project 'Let's Encrypt' to Issue First Digital Certificates Next Month- The Stack

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