April 10, 2015

This Week in Linux News: Open Source in IoT, Intel's Linux-Powered Compute Stick, and More

Nithya Ruff of SanDiskThis week in Linux news, open source's contribution to IoT, Intel's new Linux-powered Compute Stick, and more. Below are five of the latest Linux and open source must-reads. 

1) The Linux Foundation's survey with The New Stack found Docker to be one of the most popular open source projects. But why? And with whom?

Docker in the Enterprise: the Value and the Challenges - VentureBeat

2) Gordon Haff of Red Hat recognizes Linux, open collaboration, and groups like AllSeen Alliance as advancing IoT.

A Better Internet of Things Through Open Source Culture- OpenSource.com

3) Intel's offers $40 savings for those purchasing their new tiny operating system with the Ubuntu option. 

Intel Compute Stick with Ubuntu Linux is Cheaper Than Windows Version- The Inquirer

4) Will Microsoft engineer Mark Russinovich's comments hold true? Will Windows eventually be open source?

Microsoft Could Throw Windows Wide Open- Linux Insider

Microsoft Is Making a Stripped-Down Windows to Rival Linux- Wired

5) All about the security breach at the Linux Austrailia conference.

Linux Australia Calls for Password Change After Server Breach- ZDNet


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