November 19, 2015

This Week in Linux News: Red Hat & Microsoft Execs Share Thoughts on Evolution of Open Source, Linux Encoder Ransomware is Easily Fixed, & More.

Secure lockThis week in Linux news, Red Hat and Microsoft executives share their thoughts on the evolution of open source, Linux Encoder ransomware is easy to fix, and more! Catch up on the latest and most important Linux headlines.

1) Red Hat and Microsoft executives weigh in on the growing importance of open source.

Red Hat CEO and Microsoft EVP On The Evolution Of Open Source And Business- Forbes

2) Despite alarm, Linux.Encoder.1 ransomware is easy to fix.

How to Easily Defeat Linux Encoder Ransomware- ZDNet

3) Microsoft's "Visual Studio" adds remote debugging of Linux applications using GDB.

Visual Studio Now Supports Debugging Linux Apps; Code Editor Now Open Source- Ars Technica

4) Linux Foundation launches OpenHPC.

The Linux Foundation Announces OpenHPC Collaborative Project- ITWorld

5) CoreOS's Clair security monitoring tool for containers is the latest way to combat Linux security vulnerabilities.

Clair from CoreOS Automates Container Security for Open Source Linux OS- The VAR Guy


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