February 12, 2016

This Week in Linux News: Russia Announces Switch to Linux, Outdated Fight for the Linux Desktop, & More

GlobeThis week in Linux news, Russia announces a possible switch to Linux, Jack Wallen ponders the importance of the Linux Desktop in 2016, and more! Get up-to-date on the Latest Linux news with our weekly digest.

1) Russia announces a possible switch to Linux in retalliation against Western business embargo on Crimea. 

Russia Might Switch Thousands of Government Computers to Linux to Spite Microsoft- TechRadar

2) "It doesn't matter if Linux has 1% or 99% of the desktop market share" writes Jack Wallen.

Should the Fight for the Linux Desktop Really Matter?- TechRepublic

3) The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project experiences growth in membership since its launch in December.

Linux Foundation-Led Blockchain Project Grows to 30 Members- CoinDesk

4) Docker's founder and CTO, Solomon Hykes, suggests Alpine Linux will be the company's new default OS.

Is Docker Ditching Ubuntu Linux? Confusion Reigns- InfoWorld

 5) The Node.js Foundation, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, will bring in popular third-party "Express" package.

The Node.js Foundation Plans to Incubate One of the Community’s Most Popular Packages- The Next Web

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