April 24, 2015

This Week in Linux News: VMware's New Linux OS, Citrix Joins OpenStack and More

Falkland Islands PenguinsThis week in Linux news, a LinuxCon veteran shares 6 reasons why people with disabilities should use Linux, VMware announces its new container-friendly Linux OS, and more. Here are 5 top headlines from this week.

1) DCOS (a Linux system/application manager from Mesos) announced the addition of Kubernetes, revealing increased container-conciousness.

Mesos Adds Kubernetes, Containers to Data Center Management System- InfoWorld

2) Linux Foundation member and virtualization leader, Citrix, is now a corporate sponsor of the Openstack Foundation.

Citrix Joins OpenStack, Aims at Interoperability in the Cloud- The Inquirer

3) Spencer Hunley, open source assistive technology enthusiast and autistic professional, shares why Linux is a good match for people with disabilities. 

6 Reasons People With Disabilities Should Use Linux- OpenSource.com

4) VMware's new Project Photon is a lightweight Linux OS for containerized applications.

VMware Introduces New Open Source Projects To Enable The Microservices Future- Forbes

5) New vulnerability could allow hackers to crash devices via a malicious wireless peer-to-peer network name.

Wi-Fi Software Security Bug Could Leave Android, Windows, Linux Open to Attack- Ars Technica

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