This Week in Open Source News: CES 2018 Advances Crucial Tech Conversations Yet Again


This week in open source news, the Consumer Electronics Show has us looking forward to connected cars and smart cities. Read on to learn how AGL is helping steer the course. 

1) Automotive Grade Linux (AGL,) a Linux Foundation Project, makes a splash at CES 2018.

Here’s every company developing self-driving car tech at CES 2018– Digital Trends

Automotive Grade Linux Gets Support From Toyota and Amazon as It Eyes Autonomous Driving– TechCrunch driving

2) “The smart city sector is one of the hot topics at CES 2018, with nearly every major technology provider looking to jump into the connected ecosystem,” writes Natalie Gagliordi. We ask, how can open source help take this from “hot topic” to universal reality? 

CES 2018: CIOs Push Smart City Agendas Through Tech Partnerships, Outreach– ZDNet

3) New project, Medicalchain, aims to employ blockchain technology to improve health record storage and is built on Hyperledger. 

Can Blockchains Ignite a New Health Information Narrative?– Nasdaq

4) “The Linux Mint project has released a guide to address the Meltdown and Spectre bugs.”

Linux Mint Project Advises on Meltdown and Spectre– Neowin