This Week in Open Source News: CloudNativeCon+KubeCon Serves as Platform for CNCF Announcements & More


This week in open source news, CNCF made several announcements at CloudNativeCon+KubeCon including 1.0 releases from the containerd, Jaeger, CoreDNS and Fluentd projects.

1) CNCF releases a number of exciting updates at CloudNativeCon+KubeCon

How the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Is Advancing Cloud Projects– eWeek

2) “Linux is very valuable and constantly evolving, and it’s actually pretty easy to get started using it.”

Linux Then, and Why You Should Learn It Now– Network World

3) OpenStack Foundation launches Kata Containers, which aims to combine the best of containers’ speed and flexibility with the best of virtual machines. The project is independent, but will be managed by OpenStack much like the way The Linux Foundation hosts its projects.

Intel and Hyper Partner with the OpenStack Foundation to Launch the Kata Containers Project– TechCrunch

4) “Linus Torvalds last week rushed a patch into the Linux kernel, after researchers discovered the patch for 2016’s Dirty COW bug had a bug of its own.”

Dirty COW Redux: Linux Devs Patch Botched Patch for 2016 Mess– The Register

5) Microsoft unveiled several enhancements to systems intended to help developers to connect Kubernetes with the Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft Unveils Open Source Tools Connecting Kubernetes to Azure– VentureBeat