September 4, 2004

A week with Slax Linux 4.1.4

What caught my eye about Slax

The first thing that caught my eye about the Distrowatch announcement on the release of Slax 4.1.4 was that it included KDE 3.3 which had only been out a few weeks. I wanted to try out KDE 3.3 and a live CD like Slax is a great way to do it, so I went over to the Slax website to download the ISO. Whilst I was at the website I noticed the Slax slogan "Slax - your pocket OS." This got me thinking, can you really survive with just a live CD (and a small one at that) as your only distro, in a 'Mandrake Move" type way? I decided to challenge myself to try for a week.


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