August 5, 2001

Weekly news wrap-up: Dell can't decide what to do with Linux

Author: JT Smith

- By Grant Gross -

In between all those warnings about the Code Red worm hitting Microsoft servers, some Open Source-related news actually broke out during these slow days of early August. Unfortunately, some of it was bad news, as computer maker Dell's U.S. operations announced it would no longer ship Linux on desktops and laptops.

Dell, saying the market demand didn't support pre-installed Red Hat Linux, made the decision about nine months after the company first announced it would ship Linux on desktops, and that's not the only way the PC giant was acting two-faced about its commitment to Linux. Just a couple of weeks earlier, Dell announced , and just days after the decision by Dell's United States divisions, Dell Australia said it would .

Tux Racer for Windows: Say it ain't so

More semi-bad news from the camp of Tux Racer, the beloved Linux game. NewsForge news editor Tina Gasperson reported that Tux Racer developer Sunspire Studies will
. Sunspire CTO Jasmin Patry says he plans to eventually release a Linux version and eventually GPL the game, but Windows players will get the first shot at the commercial product.

New on the scene

MandrakeSoft this week. Now, Mandrake fans can buy stock in the Marche Libre exchange in Europe. Meanwhile, NewsForge editor in chief Robin Miller and dominate the Linux market, at least outside of the United States.

The Mozilla browser project continued crawling to a 1.0 version with its . However,

In the case of the missing beta, that a rumored Roswell beta exists. Red Hat people say others are probably .

Hewlett-Packard announced it is interconnected computing software project, earning the company .

New in NewsForge

Stories unique to NewsForge this week:

Hardware reviewer Jeff Field and finds it a relatively inexpensive way to get top-of-the-line performance.

There's been lots of news this week about IBM's new Grid Computing project, but these powerful computing grids?

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